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 The cat project 

Prepare that close up picture of your cat!

You can send me your picture via email or via my pinned facebook post

For a change the competition will take place my facebook page this time, but all the information will be shared via my newsleter.

You will have 15 days to submit your picture. The picture will be placed in this website and votes will start on a Sunday 8 pm CET to the next Saturday 8 pm CET. Only a limited amount of  pictures will be selected based on the amount of votes they will get. The pictures will be the inspiration of my artworks … and you and your friends can vote!.

The artworks will be 20x20cm canvas board and acrylic painting unframed.

You will receive a digital high resolution picture of the final artwork…and you will have a promotional price for the painting. Sending costs will be calculated (e.g. NL or Europe 11 euros, USA, ASIA, Australia ~ 18 euros).

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1. Send a good picture to ” ” 

2. You need to subscribe to my mailing list to be updated about the process (see below)

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Bellow examples of good pictures.

I am crazy about the cat eyes so please make sure the picture is well focused and that I can see enough details.

How to frame it?

Preferable don’t use glass, here are some examples,